2014 Ore Crusher

OreCrusher LogoThe fourth annual Ore Crusher was held on May 10th in Brackendale, Squamish, officially kicking off the local XC bike season.  This is the first of four races in the epic “Hell of a Series” that includes the Test of Metal, JABR and the Gear Jammer.  These four races highlight the fantastic biking community that exists in the Sea-to-Sky corridor and the world class trails that we’re blessed with.  The Ore Crusher is also known as the Republic of Brackendale National, in recognition of the primary sponsor, Republic Bicycles (also of Brackendale) – thanks to Armand and his crew.  The race consists of three laps, totalling approximately 40 km, mainly through the Cheekey Fan trails.  This year saw the Sunshine Coast’s Chris Sneddon win, just head of Squamish’s Quinn Moburg and Greg Day.  All three are off to a strong start in 2014, and also finished 1, 2, 3 in last weeks Sunshine Coaster.

GBS_Canada_035434For the official results and more information, please go to the official Ore Crusher website (I couldn’t access the official results website, so I apologize for the lack of recognition of all the other categories – I’ll add more into when I can get onto the website)  For convenience a copy of the race map can be found below.


I took a bunch of photos of competitors (see photo gallery here) – tried to focus on Team Squamish and other local riders, but took opportunistic photos of other competitors.  I tried to get a bit “artistic” with slower shutter speeds and panning – didn’t quite nail it, but some of them still look pretty cool.  Congratulations to all competitors, and thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that are at the heart of these events – Squamish ROCKS.