1989 Thailand

ThailandWhile volunteering as a teacher in Bhutan, I took a break during the Christmas holidays of 1988/89 to do some backpacking in Thailand.  I remember travelling with not much more than my small camera bag that included my toothbrush, an extra t-shirt and underpants.  I’d wash my cloths at night and they would be dry by morning.  I travelled down to Koh Lanta on the SE coast – it was still a sea-gypsy village and I had to camp on the beach (no hotels, restaurants etc.) – the only access was boat.  Also saw a bit of Sukhothai and spent a bit of time teaching English in the NE part of Thailand near the Lao border in exchange for accommodation and food (mainly near Nong Khai).  I had a Nikon FM2 and a limited amount of film.  Some photos can be seen here.