2014 Singapore visit with some shots from the 1980’s

GBS_Singapore_036105I recently spent 4 days in Singapore on a business development/marketing trip.  I’ve visited Singapore periodically over 30+ years and remain impressed at how well the city continues to be developed.  I’ve included a few shots taken when I back-packed through the region in the early 1980’s.  Singapore has undergone massive development since then, and many of the “rough” but interesting edges have been redeveloped.  Singapore now has world-class infrastructure, starting with Changi Airport, a fantastic public transit system, excellent civic infrastructure (museums, libraries, performance venues, public parks etc.) and an increasingly sophisticated, cosmopolitan and highly educated population.  Unlike many other major cities, it is possible to arrange (and get to) 2 or 3 meetings in the morning and a similar number in the afternoon.  A few shots of my visit can be seen here.