9 Mile Hill and Powerhouse Plunge loop

On the third attempt I finally managed to complete the loop starting in Valleycliff, up 9 mile hill, along the Ring Creek Rip and down the Powerhouse Plunge (with one minor detour) – total distance of 24 km and a total climb of about 700 m.  This is approximately 1/3 of the Test of Metal, which elite riders complete (67 km) in 2 1/2 hours).  Wally (the dog) was the main reason it took me 3 hours (not) – the main reason was I’m not fit enough and also not a good enough rider to go down the Plunge.  However it was a beautiful day – got to watch a bear feeding near the top of Bonk Hill, saw either a Barred or Long-Eared Owl – it was large, but I didn’t get a good look at its ears.  Also saw a grouse (I think) that was trying to lead me away from its nest by dragging its wing along the ground.
9 mile hill and powerhouse plunge loop