Upcoming Events: 2014 BC Bike Race

This years edition of the BC Bike Race kicks off on June 28th and runs through to July 5th. The race consists of the following 7 stages that take riders through some of  the  best mountain bike single track that can be found this side of Pluto.  Day 6 (July 4th) will provide residents of Squamish with an opportunity to get out and support participants.

» Day Zero North Vancouverbcbikerace
» Day 1 North Vancouver
» Day 2 Cumberland
» Day 3 Powell River
» Day 4 Earls Cove to Sechelt
» Day 5 Sechelt to Langdale
» Day 6 Squamish
» Day 7 Whistler

An excellent video and description of the
Squamish leg can be found here.