Rupert’s Trail and BC Bike Race

Rupert's Trail - a reasonable alternative
Rupert’s Trail – a reasonable alternative

Decided to scope out Rupert’s Trail in advance of the BC Bike race’s day 6 (Squamish) – but I ended up riding (actually mainly hiking it) in reverse, since I started on the Mashiter Trail.  An excellent description of the trail can be found at – best to go from west to east – a technically challenging trail built by Gary McFarlane and named after his dog Rupert – it will form a segment of day 6 of the BC Bike Race in Squamish, organized by Corsa Cycles.

Ladder bridge, Rupert's Trail
Ladder bridge, Rupert’s Trail

Squamish’s dynamic duo in the race, both riding for Rocky Mountain, Greg Day and Quinn Molberg, put in strong first and second days in North Vancouver and Cumberland respectively, and are leading in the men’s Duo category.G

Rupert's Trail
Rupert’s Trail



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