2014 Adams River Run

Drove up to the Adams River over the weekend – about 500 km each way from Squamish.  The run is just beginning, and should continue to build for the next few weeks.  A “shout out” for the organizerGSB_Canada-4191-20141004_Adams Rivers of the “Salute to the Sockeye” – we went 4 years ago during the last dominant run, and the society has done a lot over the last 4 years to improve the park, add interpretive features etc.  It is a fantastic way to spend a weekend, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for families, kids and tourists. It is very well organized and the volunteers manning the parking lots, various booths etc. were helpful and friendly.  I obtained a permit to get into the river from Parks BC/DFO (visitors are not meant to get into the wetted area without a permit to avoid disturbing the fish) – I wanted to try and get some shots of fish in the water – I used a GoPro for the first time – also had my Nikon setup with a CamRanger inside an aquarium, but didn’t get it working properly – next year perhaps.  On the way back from the Adams River, we stopped in Hope and had a quick walk through Thacker Regional Park along Kawkawa (Sucker) Creek – a major habitat compensation project has resulted in improving salmon returns.  A few shots of the weekend can be viewed here.