2014 Frans Lanting Seminar – Abbotsford Photo Arts Club

GSB_Botswana_025844On Saturday, October 25 I attended an all day seminar by Frans Lanting, hosted by the Abbotsford Photo Arts Club at the Michael J Fox auditorium in Burnaby. Frans presented two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon – any one of the four sessions were well worth the price of admission. Frans is one of the worlds great wildlife photographers, and someone who supports and contributes to many worthwhile conservation causes.  Frans is a thoughtful and engaging speaker, and if you have an opportunity to attend one of his seminars or workshops, I strongly recommend you do.  A “shout out” to the Abbotsford Photo Arts club which will turn 40 next year – the event was both well organized and attended – the importance of these sorts of clubs in developing and supporting the art of photography can’t be overstated.