Aluoi Valley, Viet Nam, 1995?

A couple of old shots taken in the Aluoi Valley, central – west Viet Nam near the Laotian border, west of Hue.  ThGSB_Vietnam-20140001Aluoi Valleyis part of Viet Nam is populated by hill-tribe people (Hmong) and was heavily impacted by bombing and herbicide spraying activities during the Viet Nam – American war.  Hatfield Consultants has worked closely with Vietnamese experts since the early 1990’s to understand the residual impacts of herbicide (mainly Agent Orange) applicationsGSB_Vietnam-20140002Aluoi Valley made during the Viet Nam – American war.  These studies have culminated in major remediation work being undertaken at some of the most heavily contaminated sites. Information about the Agent Orange issue in Vietnam, and Hatfield’s long involvement (including downloadable reports) can be found at  An excellent summary of work undertaken by Hatfield in Viet Nam was prepared by Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, one of the original partners in the company and a leading expert in the monitoring of dioxins in the environment.  Wayne’s summary report can be read online here, or downloaded and read here (HOW DID HATFIELD CONSULTANTS GET INVOLVED IN AGENT ORANGE).