End of an Era

GSB_Canada-0872-20150111_Squamish_CollageOn a walk around the Nexen Lands today, I noticed that the large log sorting yard just east of Galbraith Avenue (Garibaldi Forest Product’s dry sort ?) has largely been cleaned up, and I assume most of its operations have now been moved over to Site B on the east side of the Blind Channel, below the Malamute, and south of the Stawamus River. Years (decades ?) of planning regarding the Nexen lands seem to be slowly moving towards some sort of resolution, and hopefully the end result will be worth the wait. Logging in Squamish, as in towns throughout this province, was the life-blood of the community, a fact that future generations hopefully will not forget once all the giant machines have been replace by waterfront condos, trendy marinas and parks (for the good of us all).