2015 March CBC in Squamish

GSB_Canada-1084-20150313_CBC Early EditionBefore I started my regular commute into Vancouver on Friday morning, I had the chance to finally put “names to voices” and meet Rick Cluff, Amy Bell, Margaret Gallagher and the rest of the Early Morning crew at Chef Big D’s along Cleveland Avenue in Squamish. This popular Squamish eatery was already fairly full at 5:30 am as local residents took advantage of complementary coffee, delicious food and live music provided by Snow Report (if I got the name of the duo wrong please let me know). The last time I remember the Early Show broadcasting live from Squamish was just in advance of the 2010 Olympics.  Much has changed in Squamish since then and the show focussed on that.  A hot topic for debate was the proposed LNG facility at the  old Woodfibre site. Irrespective on what side of the issue you sit, it is always gratifying to see people engaged and willing to debate their perspectives.GSB_Canada-1086-20150313_CBC Early Edition