2015 March – Weekend in Vientiane

GSB_Lao-1237-20150325_VientianeI had some time last weekend to walk around Vientiane, Lao PDR, during a business trip to our regional office (Hatfield Consultants Mekong). Although Vientiane continues to grow rapidly, it is still one of the more lovely and laid-back capital cities in the region. Nestled in the bend of the mighty Mekong river, not far from the Thai border town of Nong Khai it has a lot to offer for both residents and visitors. The main sites can easily be seen in a few days by either by walking or renting a bike/motorcycle (although this time of year it is best to avoid the mid-day sun if at all possible). ¬†Mornings and evenings are still quite pleasant in March, and at at times it seems as if half the town congregates along the Mekong riverfront to catch the cool morning or evening breezes. Locals and tourists come to watch the sunsets, buy souvenirs at the night market, or get a bite to eat at any one of the many street vendors or restaurants/bars that line the strip. A few shots taken around Vientiane on Saturday and Sunday can be seen here – I’m still trying to figure out the long-exposure stuff, but am slowly getting the hang of it.