Legacies of War

GSB_Vietnam-20140003Aluoi ValleyEvery once in awhile some of us are lucky enough to be involved in a project, or to work with someone that really makes a difference.  For me, that project has been Hatfield’s involvement in the Agent Orange assessment and clean up in Viet Nam. Hatfield has worked with Vietnamese authorities and experts from around the world for over 20 years to help design and implement harm reduction and mitigation strategies at the most contaminated sites. Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, who helped initiate much of our work related to dioxin contamination, both in Canada and internationally, wrote an interesting article that describes the history of Hatfield in Viet Nam – the document can be viewed by clicking the following link:


Progress over the years was only possible because of the collaboration and hard work of an amazing cast of characters from Viet Nam and around the world.  It was nice to see an article in the Bangkok Nation newspaper that highlighted one such amazing individual, Chuck Searcy. Chuck is one of those people who has quietly gone about his business and made a large, positive impact on the lives of many people (Chuck is second from the right in the above photo) – the article can be read at: