2015 July – Drive from Perth to Lossiemouth

GSB_Scotland_DSCF2627_150714_NE ScotlandWe drove from Perth, through Dundee, Forfar, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, and then across through the distillery district (centred on Dufftown) and finally into Lossiemouth. This part of rural Scotland is very agricultural and extremely beautiful.  Many of the farms are centuries old and the countryside is dotted with ancient ruins, churches, monuments etc.The country roads were extremely narrow, often not much more than a car width, but well maintained and the traffic wasn’t too heavy. We spent the night in Lossiemouth, just east of Findochty.  There is a huge RAF base in Lossiemouth, so there were lots of NATO jets screaming overhead which didn’t quite fit with the bucolic scenery.  A few shots of the days drive can be seen here.