2015 July Glasgow

GSB_Scotland_DSCF3044_150721_SE ScotlandJust spent a great couple of days in Glasgow – an incredibly interesting city that at one time was one of the wealthiest in the world.  Glasgow was at the epicentre of the industrial revolution and exported goods, talent, and capital around the world in the late 1800’s. It also gave rise to the modern labour movement and it’s citizens were responsible for many of the basic rights workers in much of the world take for granted today. Although Glasgow’s industrial base underwent significant decline after WW2 (where it was heavily bombed), it has more recently “rebranded” itself as a centre of cultural excellence.  The city is “littered” with museums, art galleries, clubs, pubs etc.  Many of the museums (at least nine of the larger ones, including Kevin Grove, are free to the public and as a result have more locals than tourists which is nice to see. We also found the people to be friendly and lively and we received some of the best service we’d experienced anywhere in the UK. A few shots taken around town can be seen here.