2015 July – NW Scotland. Drive from Gills Bay to Loch Maree

GSB_Scotland_DSCF2944_150718_NW ScotlandYesterday was a long drive under challenging weather conditions – we arrived in Gills Bay at 8:30 after departing St. Margarets Hope in Orkney an hour earlier.  We then drove west along the coastal highway towards Cape Wrath, the far NW corner of mainland UK, before turning south at Durness towards Laxford Bridge.  The roads were single lane (the width of one car) with regular pull outs for passing, and the weather was really stormy – it wasn’t actually raining that hard, but all the rain was horizontal (literally) with periodic breaks. It is a really rugged and beautiful part of Scotland – the towns we went through were all small and largely based on sheep farming from what we could see. Because of the road/weather, the drive took almost all day – we ended up going from Laxford Bridge, hugging the coast all the way to Ullapool, and then around Loch Marie to a lovely lodge on the mid-western shore of Loch Marie called (not surprisingly) the Loch Maree Hotel. A part of Scotland not many take the time to visit, but well worth the effort. A few photos of the drive can be seen here.