The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto

This is a repost from the The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto website.
Society is only now grasping the full extent to which our lives, jobs and environment are sensitive to a changing climate. Effective decision making will be needed in many areas if we are to build a climate resilient future.

So begins the “Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto”, a milestone publication and call for joint action to meet the massive climate knowledge challenges ahead in the post-Paris world. On September 17th, the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group (CKB) officially presented the Manifesto at an event in London and online (a recording of the event will be published a few days after). The full document can be viewed here:


Should you agree with the principles and messages, share your support with the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto and undersign it on this page. It is planned to publish the List of signatories at a CKB and Manifesto-related event in London.

The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto was developed in a collaborative process with the vision of a world in which people make climate sensitive decisions fully informed by the best available climate knowledge. It explains that users of climate-related knowledge require access to information that is tailored to a myriad of specific circumstances, and the essential role climate knowledge brokers play in delivering this. It is only through collaboration that climate knowledge brokers will meet this complexity of user needs effectively.