Month: November 2015

2015 November 11 – Remembrance Day

As an immigrant, Remembrance Day ceremonies in Canada always impress me and demonstrates a deep community-based strength and toughness¬†of Canadians that isn’t always apparent on the surface. Each year that I’ve attended ceremonies at Brennon Park in Squamish, the numbers seem to increase with lots of young families with kids. It is always so sad …

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Round the World in 20 days

Just returned to Squamish after a relatively quick round the world trip to visit each of our international offices. I first flew to our Botswana office, Hatfield Consultants Africa (HCA) via London and Jo’burg (Jacaranda’s in full bloom). While at HCA, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, a significant achievement for any company. ¬†From Gaborone, I …

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