Round the World in 20 days

GSB_Lao_DSCF4116_151103_VientianeJust returned to Squamish after a relatively quick round the world trip to visit each of our international offices. I first flew to our Botswana office, Hatfield Consultants Africa (HCA) via London and Jo’burg (Jacaranda’s in full bloom). While at HCA, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, a significant achievement for any company.  From Gaborone, I flew to Jakarta via Jo’burg and Hong Kong to spend time at our Indonesian office, PT Hatfield Indonesia. Although the air quality in the Jakarta/Bogor corridor is often poor, it was particularly bad on this trip due in part to the massive peat fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan. These fires are set every year to clear land for Palm Oil,  but because of the late rains this year the fires were more severe than usual.  By some estimates the fires resulted in Indonesia’s CO2 emissions exceeding those of the US. From Jakarta I flew up to Bangkok and then Vientiane, Lao PDR where our Hatfield Consultants Mekong (HCM) office is located. Unfortunately I had just missed the annual boat racing festival, although I was still able to enjoy my evenings along the banks of the Mekong. The final leg of the journey involved a flight from Vientiane to Seoul (actually Incheon) and then back to Vancouver. Of all the flights I took, Air Canada offered the best service. Not much time to take photos (and only in the evenings) – I’ve posted a few here.