2016 Feb Squamish estuary

GSB_Canada-7785-20160123_squamishAfter a couple of days of torrential rain (114 mm in 30 hrs) we had a break in the weather which many people took advantage of to go for a walk. All the rain at sea-level translated into heavy snow at higher elevations, and Mr. Garibaldi (2,700 m) looked particularly splendid in a new blanket of snow. There were lots of water fowl in the estuary, including a Great Blue Heron that I took a few shots of (click the image on the left or this link) – definitely need to use a shutter speed of more than 1/200 sec to get decent shots of birds in flight. ¬†Many of the ducks and geese were already exhibiting pairing behavior which shows how mild our coastal climate is (compared to much of Canada and the US). I also threw in one shot taken earlier in the week from our office in Harbourside on the north shore – an advantage of being an early bird is that at this time of year I get to see the sunrise. For the shots in the estuary, I was using the new Nikon 300 mm f4 – a nice light lens ideal for hand-held “walk about” photography.