2016 February, Squamish Estuary

After a long stretch of dreary winter weather, the sun broke through the clouds so I went down to the confluence of the Mamquam and Squamish rivers to “see what I could see” – I was lucky enough to see a Bald Eagle catch a fish, but not quick enough with the camera to really do it justice – apart from that interesting event, not much bird action, but the winter light on the water was fun to watch. The Bald Eagle shot was taken with a Nikon 300 mm, F4 and a 2X teleconverter.  I only had the ISO set to 400 so my shutter speed was quite slow (around 1/250) which is generally not good enough to get sharp photos of birds in flight – should have cranked the ISO to 800 or higher.  Some of the shrubbery is starting to bud, and I suspect that within a month there will be a green fuzz on everything. A few shots of my walk can be seen here.GSB_Canada-7869-20160220_Squamish