GSB_Canada-5444-20160227_SquamishAlthough the Squamish Blind Channel park was officially opened in late 2014, I actually hadn’t gone down and walked around until today. The property, valued at $3.6 million, was acquired at no cost to the District with the condition that it be used for municipal purposes. The park is located between Victoria and Main Streets and can be accessed via the end of each street (across the rail line). Parking is available behind the O’Siyam Pavilion on Main Street, or on Victoria Street. The site was formally zoned industrial and lots of work needs to be done to fully restore the area, but a good start has been made. A number of public art installations have already been established (Blue Trees, This Beautiful Day sign) and the Squamish Nation has also built an enclosure for a tradition canoe – its a beautiful piece of land and hopefully in time it will become a well used public space (need to get rid of the railway tracks which are not used?). A couple of photos taken today can be seen here….