2016 March Birds in Squamish Estuary – 1st weekend in March

Took advantage in a break in the rain on Saturday morning  to go for a walk in the Squamish estuary (along the railway tracks, starting from Squamish terminals) – lots of bird activity including the lovely Red Winged Blackbird, a Great Blue Heron, misc. ducks and geese (including a pair of Hooded Mergansers that I didn’t get a decent shot of). The last three photos were taken near my office in Harbourside this week in response to a photo challenge GSB_Canada-5635-20160305_Squamish Estuary‪#‎naturephotographychallenge‬ (check it out on Facebook) – nominees have to post a different photo everyday and also nominate a friend to do the same. Its a great time of year to get out with a camera – everything is just starting to “come alive” after being somewhat dormant through the winter (although this last winter was another mild one as our planet continues to warm up). A few photos taken today can be seen by clicking on this link or the photo.