2016 March Brohm Lake

GSB_Canada-6004-20160326_SquamishAn article in this weeks Squamish Chief by Jim Gracie prompted me to take a walk around Brohm lake, approximately 12 km north of Squamish on the west side of  highway 99 heading to Whistler. As per Jim’s article, there are a variety of trails of differing degrees of difficulty – I ended up taking the loop around the lake with a short side-trip up to the Tantalus Range lookout. Its  a very popular lake in the summer, but this time of year the trails are relatively quiet and I only passed two groups in my 3 or 4 hours of walking. Spring is definitely underway with lots of green buds and shoots everywhere – the trail passes through several swampy areas and Yellow Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) was spouting. This plant gets its name from the skunk-like odor of its sap, which attracts flies as pollinators. Its fleshy root and underground stem are eaten by animals, and were baked by aboriginals to supplement their diets in the winter. The foul smelling, peppery sap was also once used as a treatment for ringworm. A few shots of my walk can be seen by clicking this link or the photo to the left.