2016 March – Spring birds in the Squamish Estuary

GSB_Canada-7963-20160312_Squamish EstuaryThere is increasing bird activity down at the Squamish estuary as we move into spring (clocks “spring” forward tonight). I’m surprised at how skittish most of the birds are – perhaps because they are pairing up and mating? I had to find a quiet spot, setup my tripod, keep still and wait – any movement seemed to scare the birds away. Early morning and high tide might be a better times to see birds – these were taken mid-morning at low tide. Over about one and half hours I saw numerous Herons, Buffleheads, Mallards, Cormorants, Teals – photos of my efforts can be seen by clicking on this link or the photo. For this set of photos I set my speed at 1/1,250 and had the ISO setting adjusted to automatic since light conditions changed rapidly.