2016 March Squamish Estuary Rainbow

GSB_Canada-4400-20160306_Squamish-EstuaryDespite stiff winds, leaden dark clouds and rain showers, I decided to take my chances to see what birds were active down at the Squamish estuary on Sunday morning. Unfortunately due to the conditions I wasn’t able to get properly setup to take photos, but it was still nice to get out and between between systems I was able to get this shot of a rainbow over the estuary. I walked from Squamish terminals along the railway tracks into the recently restored west-bar log sort area. The Squamish River Watershed Society (SRWS) has done a fabulous job in restoring a formal industrial site and there are already many signs that it is being actively used by birds, otters etc. It will be a fun site to visit throughout the spring and summer to monitor the steady progression of vegetation and return of wildlife, and I encourage people to contact the SRWS (link above) to see what support they can offer to help ensure this good work continues. A couple of additional scenic shots can be seen here or by clicking on the image.