2016 April Botswana

GSB_Botswana_DSCF4720_160413_GaboroneAfter spending a week in Indonesia, I flew to Gaborone, Botswana to visit our Hatfield Consultants Africa (HCA) office. Its a great time of year to visit Gaborone, temperatures are pleasant, particularly in the evenings.  The countryside was relatively green after some much needed rain, although the main reservoirs that supply the city are still fairly low heading into winter. The new Central Business District (CDB) where our office is located continues to grow rapidly (along with traffic) – this would be a perfect time for city planners to be thinking about transit options (i.e. while there is still space and land acquisition costs would be relatively low). Despite having one of the sunniest climates on the planet, the government is still lagging with respect to its renewable energy strategy – for a country that has roughly 350 days of brilliant sunshine per year there is a noticeable lack of both solar water heaters and photovoltaics on rooftops. Botswana, along with the rest of the region, remains focussed on developing vast coal resources for power generation despite the increasingly obvious risks of this strategy. The industrialized world needs to do a lot more to help developing countries (and themselves) move towards generating more energy using renewables likes like wind and solar. A few shots of my week in Gaborone can be seen by clicking this link, or the photo to the left.