2016 April Fawn Lake

GSB_Canada-00252-20160424_SquamishIt was nice to finally get out on my bike for a ride – it was a short one given my low fitness level, but great to get outside after spending much of the last month in offices, planes etc. The recent warm weather means that snow at higher elevations is melting rapidly and Shannon Falls just south of Squamish was “howlin'” – the trees are almost all fully leafed out and everything has that vibrant spring green. Unfortunately I missed the opening bike race of the local race season (the Ore Crusher) – won by local rider Quinn Moberg. ¬†Next weekend is the Sunshine Coaster which will be held in Sechelt this year, followed by the Gear Jammer the following weekend – race season is here, come out and either ride or support these great community events. A couple of shots taken on my first ride of the year can be seen by clicking this link, or the accompanying photo.