2016 April Jakarta

GSB_Indonesia_DSCF4555_160409_JakartaI spent most of this week in Bogor at our main Indonesia office, but was able to spend part of the weekend in north/central Jakarta near Monas (the national independence monument), and just around the corner from Sarina. Monas is at the northern end of Jakarta’s main north/south road (Jl. Sudirman and Jl. Thamrin) and like all of Jakarta has undergone rapid growth in the last 20 years or so. A more recent, and very welcome, construction project in Jakarta first subway system that will also run north/south through the city and connect with other rail and LRT systems (a LRT line out to Bogor is currently under construction). Effective transit has been needed in Jakarta for many years as much of the city is in constant gridlock – I was told that 1000 new cars a day are added to the roads of greater Jakarta (and it feels like it). Motorcycles remain popular and it is not unusual to see whole families of four or more weaving in and out of dense traffic on a single bike. Jakarta has a vibrant street culture, particularly in the evenings after work when the food vendors fire up their kitchens – a few photos taken while walking around can be seen by clicking this link or the embedded photo.