2016 May Britannia Classic

GSB_Canada-1259-20160529_Britannia BeachI drove down to Britannia Beach (about 15 min south of Squamish) to take in the last day of the 9th annual Britannia Classic Long Board competition – I’d been once before and enjoyed the high speed racing in a beautiful setting and decided to do it again…The three day event attracts competitors from far and wide and given it was Memorial Day weekend in the US, the venue attracted many of our southern neighbours. There were intermittent rain showers which made the conditions quite treacherous – I don’t know what speeds the competitors were achieving, but long boards on steep downhills (which this was) can achieve speeds close to 100 km/hr. From a photography point of view, I found the high shutter speed (1/2000 sec) photos to lack “energy” – the ones I took at lower shutter speeds while panning are generally more interesting – 1/100 sec seemed to be about the right speed, although I went down to 1/30 sec – not easy to get the whole subject in focus when they are moving so fast (and you are only a few feet away), but a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday. A few of my photos can be seen by clicking this link or the photo to the left.