2016 Dec Squamish Snowfall

Snow continued to fall along the Sea-to-Sky corridor through much of the weekend, much to the delight of kids, skiers and drivers trying to make it to Whistler (not).  I once thought a heated driveway was a ridiculous extravagance, but it somehow now seems like a perfectly reasonable goal after having shovelled the driveway three times today (and no, I’m not fishing for sympathetic e-mails from  friends and family in the rest of Canada, or Australia, Africa, Indonesia etc.). On the plus side, Squamish opened it’s newest micro-brewery yesterday – A-Frame Brewing Company  – one of many signs that Squamish is an increasingly attractive place for new businesses and young families to try and get something going – if you are visiting Squamish, or just passing through, its definitely worth a stop to support a local entrepreneur/business (bring a growler).  A few photos of the weekend can be seen by clicking on this link or the embedded photo.