2017 July Kiteoween, Squamish

A hot summer weekend in Squamish provided a perfect backdrop for “Kiteoween” an annual costume day where kiteboarders dress up  and compete in a fun, relaxed contest hosted at the Squamish spit by the Squamish Wind Sports Society. The area surrounding the Spit is an example of successful habitat restoration – much of the Squamish waterfront was significantly impacted by industrial activities up until the 1970/1980’s when the decline of pulp and paper and associated industries, coupled with greater environmental awareness and standards, resulted in extensive clean-up and restoration efforts throughout much of the estuary. A lot of  the work has been driven by volunteers and community groups that have donated time and equipment (for example the Squamish River Watershed Society). Over the years I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the diversity of vegetation taking root, and as a result birds and other wildlife are making a return. There is still a lot of work to do, but it is encouraging to see how well mother nature bounces back if given a chance. A few photos taken in the estuary and at the spit can be seen by clicking on this link or the embedded photo.