2018 April Squamish Estuary

Spring hasn’t quite sprung on the west coast with wet, cool weather forcast for another week or two. However the signs are there with plants beginning to leaf out in sheltered/warmer nooks and crannies and many birds aggressively demonstrating fitness to mate through plumage and song – we also saw our first bear of the season which looked surprisingly plump given the time of year. This is a time of year when things change rapidly, so I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. I was really surprised and disappointed to see (highly toxic) creosoted railway ties stockpiled along track leading to Squamish terminals – the quality of our railway infrastructure lags significantly with even developing countries – I just returned from a trip to southern Africa and SE-Asia and virtually all the railways used concrete ties and appeared to be far better maintained that lines I’ve seen in BC and Ontario. A few photos of our walk in the Squamish estuary on Sunday afternoon can be seen by clicking this link or the associated photo.