2018 May Saturday in Squamish

The first Saturday in May was a beautiful sunny day in Squamish with lots going on including the farmers market, spring plant sales, and lots of people out and about enjoying the sunshine by biking, climbing, rock climbing etc. I’ve included a few kite boarding photos taken at the Squamish Spit, which probably has one of the most spectacular settings for any kiteboarding venue in the world. In the evening we went to the locally famous Brackendale Art Gallery which is a quirky and lovely venue particularly for music events. The evening started off with a Blue Grass band, the Lawn Dogs (mainly from Bowen Island but with a local member as well) – they played a lively set that included a number of songs from the CD “Making Tracks” (which can be bought on their website). The Lawn Dogs were followed by the Farm Team, consisting of a talented group of Vancouver-based musicians and singers who have played together for many years – they played an eclectic set list which had the small dance floor packed and rocking for the whole evening. I highly recommend seeing either band if you have a chance – upcoming gigs are listed on their respective websites. Photos of the day can be seen by clicking this link or the embedded photo.