2018 September Livingstone

After visiting Kafue National Park, we drove back to Lusaka and then flew to Livingstone which is the main town on the Zambian side of the border with Zimbabwe, just above the Victoria Falls. We stayed at the David Livingstone Resort and Spa, which is located along the Zambezi River, just upstream of the falls. Since we were at the tail end of the dry season, flows in the Zambezi were at their low point, but the falls were still spectacular. We decided against going over the border to view the falls from the Zimbabwe side since we were told that the Zimbabwean border control probably wouldn’t honour the visas we’d purchased online and demand additional payment. As it turned out, we enjoyed the Zambian side just as much at we’d enjoyed the Zimbabwean side (5 years earlier) – excellent view points and trails. Debbie and Joanna joined us for our second night, and we enjoyed a dinner together on the banks of the river. Two nights is probably enough time to see the falls, although there are all sorts of “adventure” options for those with the inclination and budget (rafting, kayaking, flying, horse riding, river cruises, hiking, bungee jumping etc.). A few shots of our time in Livingstone can be seen by clicking this link or the embedded photo.