2018 September Struisbaai and Cape Agulhas

The next leg of our trip took us through some of the most beautiful farming country I’ve ever seen as we drove from Mossel Bay down to Stuisbaai/Cape Agulhas (the southern most tip of the African continent). The rolling, verdant countryside is broken up with large farms growing a variety of grains (wheat, canola etc.) – the Langeberg mountains form a natural barrier to the north, so the countryside is bisected by numerous small rivers draining into the Indian Ocean to the south. All the roads we’ve been on so far have been well maintained – freshly painted lines, no potholes, no garbage, well cleared along the sides etc. We stayed in Struisbaai, a small community just slightly north (about 4 km) from Cape Agulhas (which also has a small town by the same name). Struisbaai is the first town we’ve stayed in where there were virtually no fences, or burglar bars on windows, security cameras etc. The manager of our guesthouse said there is very little to no crime in the town which is a big contrast from some of the larger towns that we’ve stayed in. There is a lighthouse at Cape Agulhas and a monument that marks where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans officially meet. A few shots of our day can be seen by clicking this link or the embedded photo.