2021 Feb Reginald Hill

We took advantage of relatively warm and dry weather to do a short hike up Reginald Hill on the eastern side of Fulford Harbour. The trail starts at the end of Morningside Drive and is a fairly steep half hour climb to the viewpoint.  There are excellent views of Fulford and Burgoyne Bay to the north and the San Juans to the south. The walk up passes through mainly second growth forest and some lovely arbutus groves. A few shots of the walk can be seen by clicking on this link or the embedded image. Also included is a shot of a Downy Woodpecker (Dryobates pubescens) our deck feeder Рthis species is the smallest woodpecker in North America, and is both widespread and common. Its a great bird to have in your garden as their diet is typically 80% insects, although the also eat berries, nuts and other seeds.