Flowers, Veggies and Fruit

We had our first rain in almost 6 weeks and I decided to take a walk around the property and take some shots of fruit, veggies, and flowers (and some weeds) that all looked a bit fresher after the rain. Quite a lot of fruit is beginning to ripen and we’ll be able to harvest the yellow plums within the next few days and figs, pears, apples will start being ready by the end of the month. There are lots of blackberries along the sides of the roads all over the island, and we’ve already harvested a few. The flower gardens are perhaps a bit beyond their peaks right now, but there is still a lot of colour. This is our first year in the lower veggie garden (and the first full year in the upper garden for dad) and so there is still some learning to do – some things are doing well (tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash), but others are struggling (e.g. corn) – we’ll have to figure out what we like to eat, and what does well given the variable light and soil conditions. We had an exceptional heat wave about a month ago (record temperatures), which also had variable impacts on different plants. I have 7 different varieties of hops growing and both types of barley did well (although the two row purple barley did better than the beer barley) – will try to grow enough next year to do a small batch of beer. Some photos taken during my walk can be seen by clicking this link or the photo below.

Grapes over the lower car port