Canada Day – Cusheon Cove

After two years of COVID, being able to celebrate Canada Day again at Cusheon cove with friends and family was something special. Nature cooperated with an absolutely perfect day, and Tom and Dtik were the perfect hosts as usual. Dtik organized an amazing smorgasbord of Canadian and Asian food and Tom quarterbacked the entire event. A highlight for me was Lenny playing O Canada on his clarinet (only 4 days after he got it), with poise and confidence, while Dane and Nolan raised the flag. The Headlong Hearts (formally the Farm Team) provided the live music – they are a very talented and fun band with a long connection to Tom and I, and I can’t recommend them highly enough if you have an event that would benefit from live music. Chris Hatfield, who was very much looking forward to this celebration was not able to attend in person, but definitely there in spirit – he would have loved every minute of it. Some pictures of the day can be seen by clicking this link or the above photo.