Sea to Sky

2019 June Squamish Estuary

Dort and I went for a walk through the Squamish estuary this afternoon. Despite it being late in the day, there was lots of bird activity, including a large flock of the beautiful Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) were feasting on Mountain Ash berries. We also saw a number of flickers, humming birds, and bear scat – the foxgloves are just… Read the rest “2019 June Squamish Estuary”

2019 February – Squamish, Saltspring and Vancouver

I realized that I hadn’t posted anything for a while so this post includes a few snapshots taken over the last few weeks from Saltspring, Vancouver (Harbourside) and Squamish. After a mainly mild/wet December and January, winter arrived on the west coast, first with a cold, sunny high pressure system, followed by snow and winds that impacted Saltspring more than… Read the rest “2019 February – Squamish, Saltspring and Vancouver”

Squamish Sikh Parade – Martyrdom of the fifth Guru

Saturday, June 23rd was the 13th time Squamish’s Sikh community commemorated the martyrdom of the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun Dev Ji. The celebration started with a parade through downtown and included free food for everyone, prepared and served by members of the local Sikh community. It’s a popular and colourful event that brings together members of the community from… Read the rest “Squamish Sikh Parade – Martyrdom of the fifth Guru”