2016 April Botswana

After spending a week in Indonesia, I flew to Gaborone, Botswana to visit our Hatfield Consultants Africa (HCA) office. Its a great time of year to visit Gaborone, temperatures are pleasant, particularly in the evenings.  The countryside was relatively green after some much needed rain, although the main reservoirs that supply the city are still fairly low heading into winter.… Read the rest “2016 April Botswana”

Round the World in 20 days

Just returned to Squamish after a relatively quick round the world trip to visit each of our international offices. I first flew to our Botswana office, Hatfield Consultants Africa (HCA) via London and Jo’burg (Jacaranda’s in full bloom). While at HCA, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, a significant achievement for any company.  From Gaborone, I flew to Jakarta via Jo’burg… Read the rest “Round the World in 20 days”