2015 July Stenying – Backyard Flowers and Fuji XT-1 review

Spent another nice day in Stenying and decided to take a few shots of the flowers growing in D&J’s backyard (click here to see)– I didn’t have a true macro lens with me, so I used the 18-135mm zoom for my Fuji XT-1. I’ve used this camera exclusively on the trip (along with a 23 mm F1.4 lens), and… Read the rest “2015 July Stenying – Backyard Flowers and Fuji XT-1 review”

2015 July Brighton

Took the train from Shoreham-by-Sea to Brighton for a day trip. Although Brighton is perhaps best known as a beach resort, the city has grown significantly and now has a lot to offer including excellent restaurants, shopping, conference facilities etc. A famous landmark that I remember as a kid, the West Pier, burned down in the early 2000’s and is… Read the rest “2015 July Brighton”

2015 July London

On a very stormy, rainy day, we took a one hour train ride from Shoreham-by-Sea (near Stenying) to Victoria in London, and then a tube to Piccadilly Circus. ¬†Despite the fact it was the weekend and the weather was lousy, London was PACKED (which it always seems to be). Definitely one of my favorite cities in the world along with… Read the rest “2015 July London”