2016 April Jakarta

I spent most of this week in Bogor at our main Indonesia office, but was able to spend part of the weekend in north/central Jakarta near Monas (the national independence monument), and just around the corner from Sarina. Monas is at the northern end of Jakarta’s main north/south road (Jl. Sudirman and Jl. Thamrin) and like all of Jakarta has… Read the rest “2016 April Jakarta”

Round the World in 20 days

Just returned to Squamish after a relatively quick round the world trip to visit each of our international offices. I first flew to our Botswana office, Hatfield Consultants Africa (HCA) via London and Jo’burg (Jacaranda’s in full bloom). While at HCA, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, a significant achievement for any company.  From Gaborone, I flew to Jakarta via Jo’burg… Read the rest “Round the World in 20 days”

2015 April Indonesia – PTHI 25th Anniversary

I spent the second week of April in Indonesia attending a variety of meetings and participating in PT Hatfield Indonesia’s (PTHI) 25th anniversary. The Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia, Donald Bobiash was kind enough to host our event at his official residence in Jakarta. We were also fortunate enough to have the BC Minister of International Trade (Ms Teresa Wat)… Read the rest “2015 April Indonesia – PTHI 25th Anniversary”

1998 Lombok, Indonesia

Shortly after Suharto was disposed, we went to Lombok for a family holiday – we stayed in a lovely beach-side resort just north of Mataram in the Senggigi Beach area.  At the time the main tourist areas were fairly quiet, and for anybody with USD most things denominated in Indonesian Rupiah were quite cheap (the RP depreciated from about 3,000… Read the rest “1998 Lombok, Indonesia”