1991 Songkhla Thailand

In 1991 Dort and I were lucky enough to briefly live in Songkhla on the east coast of southern Thailand.  Back then Songkhla was a fairly sleepy fishing town that also catered to the off-shore oil and gas sector.  Hatfield won a project to help develop and implement environmental monitoring and management plans for the nascent, onshore shrimp farming industry.  … Read the rest “1991 Songkhla Thailand”

1989 Thailand

While volunteering as a teacher in Bhutan, I took a break during the Christmas holidays of 1988/89 to do some backpacking in Thailand.  I remember travelling with not much more than my small camera bag that included my toothbrush, an extra t-shirt and underpants.  I’d wash my cloths at night and they would be dry by morning.  I travelled down… Read the rest “1989 Thailand”