Khaling, 1988

I’ve just finished re-reading Ken Haigh’s first book “Under the Holy Lake – A memoir of Eastern Bhutan”. Ken and I overlapped for a year while we were both teachers at Jigme Sherubling high school in Khaling, eastern Bhutan. Ken arrived a year before me, and left at the start of my second year (our contracts were for two years).… Read the rest “Khaling, 1988”

The Farm Team at the Tree House Cafe, Ganges

We had the pleasure of seeing an old friend and colleague, Matt Kennedy, perform at the Tree House Cafe in downtown Ganges on August 28th. Matt is a member of the very talented and entertaining band called the Farm Team, who we’ve been fortunate enough to see in several different venues over the years including Squamish, Vancouver, and now… Read the rest “The Farm Team at the Tree House Cafe, Ganges”