2018 September Langebaan

From Meerendal we drove north-west along the coast, with a detour to Darling to visit a local microbrewery (Darling Brew). This region in general is renowned for its springtime wildflower blooms when the ground is covered with a carpet of colour. We were unfortunately a few weeks late to see the peak bloom, but there were still lots… Read the rest “2018 September Langebaan”

2018 September Kafue Game Reserve – Day 1

After Chingola, we flew from Ndola to Lusaka and then we were picked up and driven to Ila Lodge in the Kafue National Park (just west of Mulola and directly north of Itezhi etzhi lake). The drive from Lusaka took 4 hours, but the slowest part was getting through Lusaka because of all the road works and sewage system upgrades… Read the rest “2018 September Kafue Game Reserve – Day 1”

2016 June Squamish Estuary Tree Swallows

Despite rain showers and a stiff, cold breeze, we went for a walk in the Squamish estuary. Over the years, volunteers have nailed bird houses to various dead trees and we were fortunate enough to see an active nest of Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) – both parents were busy catching bugs on the wing and bringing them back to their… Read the rest “2016 June Squamish Estuary Tree Swallows”

2016 June Crofton and Saltspring Island Birds

The ferry ride to Saltspring often requires a short wait at Crofton where there are often a few Great Blue Herons (Ardea herodias) trying their luck fishing in the tidal flats. These are great birds to photograph as they are huge (up to 1.4 m tall, with a 2 m wingspan), slow flying, and quite photogenic. This time of year… Read the rest “2016 June Crofton and Saltspring Island Birds”