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  1. I stumbled across your blog today and had a great time reading it. Thanks for the nice comments about Protea Chingola and it was great meeting you all when you came last year.

    Of course, also fond memories of “little Debbie” from Grade 1 at the Helen Waller School in 1964.

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thanks for the post – we had such a great time visiting (almost a year ago !). Just heading to see mom and dad (Helen and Tony Bruce) next week to help them celebrate dad’s 80th birthday – we have relatives coming from far and wide, including Kim who is Debbie’s daughter (Ro and Doug had three daughters, Debbie, Kim and Mandy)

      1. Hi Grant,

        Good to hear your news and hope all went well at the 80th party.

        Is Kim Debbie’s sister?

        Would love to hear more – maybe drop me an Email if you have time.

        1. Hi Alison,
          Yes, the 80th birthday party was lots of fun – Debbie is Kim’s sister (Mandy is the youngest) – they also had a son, Martin, after they left Africa. I posted some photos of the party on http://www.highshot.org (look under Pictures/Family and Friends) – the password is “wally”

          1. Hi Grant,

            Thanks so much for sharing the photos and so glad that you all had a whale of a time at the 80th celebrations.

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