2018 July Canada Day

Canada Day Weekend on Saltspring

2017 May Montreal

While visiting good friends in Montreal, I had time to walk around on a sunny May Saturday

2016 June Christy Cruise

Boat Cruise in Vancouver Harbour

2016 May Britannia Classic

The Britannia Classic returned for its 9th year of competitive long boarding.

2015 Nov Grey Cup Winnipeg

The 103rd Grey Cup in Winnipeg

2014 Ottawa Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day ceremonies at the National War Memorial

2014 Massey Hall

Sarah McLachlan Concert at Massey Hall

2014 Canada Day

Canada Day in Squamish

2014 Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev

Celebrations in Squamish's Sikh Community

2014 Aboriginal Day

Canoe races in celebration of the 10th annual aboriginal day in Squamish

2014 Harry Manx Saltspring

2014 Harry Manx concert at Fulford Hall on Saltspring - also got to celebrate Alix Thomson's graduation from UBC - the first one to graduate !

2014 Spring Fling

Annual fund raiser by St. Johns church in Squamish. Money raised supports different local and international initiatives

2014 Macau Rolling Stones

Dort, Tom, Nolan and I went to Macau to see the Rolling Stones in March 2014

2013 Squamish Days and Loggers Sports

An annual must-see event in Squamish that brings some of the best loggers from around the world to compete in loggers sports.

2013 Squamish Idol

Squamish Nation traditional dancing introduced the Idol contestants