2018 April Sun Run Weekend

Some shots taken in the Squamish estuary (Mountain blue birds and Yellow Rumped Warblers) and the Sun Run

2017 June Mashiter Trail

Mid-June walk along the Mashiter trail with Wally the wonder dog.

2017 Jan Squamish Eagles

A walk along the Mamquam River in Squamish - eagles feeding on salmon

2016 August Ontario Birds

Holiday in Ontario visiting friends and family

2016 July Squamish Birds

A few shots taken at Nexen Beach of Turkey Vultures and River Otters - and some pictures of Anna's Hummingbirds in our backyard.

2016 June Squamish Estuary

Tree Swallows feeding young in the Squamish Estuary

2016 June Saltspring Birds

A few bird shots mainly taken in Burgoyne Bay on Saltspring Island, or Crofton in June 2016

2016 June Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Hot summer day visit to Reifel Bird sanctuary in the Fraser River delta

2016 May Nexen Beach

A walk around Nexen Beach after a heavy rain

2016 March Reifel Bird Sanctuary

2016 mid-March visit to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary along the Fraser River delta in BC

2016 March 03 Squamish Estuary

Early spring birds in the Squamish Estuary

2016 Jan Squamish Estuary

A walk in the Squamish estuary

2015 Sept 105 mm shots

A few shots taken with the 105 mm while walking around the "loop" behind our house with Wally

2015 May Squamish Flowers

Shots of a few flowers in bloom in our back yard - this is one of my favorite times of year when everything lush and green, and growing like crazy.

2015 April Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Visit to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in mid-April

2015 April Juncos

A flock of Juncos landed in our yard this weekend

2014 Autumn Leaves

A few shots taken on a wet autumn day in Squamish

2014 Adams River

A short trip to the Adams River - another "dominant" Sockeye run. We arrived a bit early (the peak will be in about two weeks)

2010 Adams River Run

2010 Adams River Sockeye Salmon Run - Dominant year

2014 Feb Stanley Park

Last day in February - Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

2014 Feb Backyard critters

Birds in our backyard on a wintery (and golden medal) day in Squamish.

2012 Botswana

In July 2012, my wife and I spent about a week each in two different camps in northern Botswana, Kwando Lagoon and Little Kwara

2013 Riefel Bird Sanctuary

October visit to check out the Snow Geese

2013 Squamish Estuary Sept. 8

Walk in the Squamish Estuary with birders

2012 June on Saltspring

Beautiful sunny weekend on Saltspring