2020 April Squamish

2019 July August Saltspring

A few summer weekends on Saltspring Painting

2019 June Squamish Estuary

A walk through the Squamish estuary in early June

2019 May Nexen Beach

Early season kiteboarding at Nexen Beach - photos shot using a Fuji T3

2019 Feb Saltspring Squamish and Vancouver

A few random shots taken over the last few weeks in Squamish, Vancouver and Saltspring

2018 May Squamish

Beautiful May weekend in Squamish - Kiteboarding and music at the Brackendale Art Gallery

2018 April Squamish Estuary

Early spring in the Squamish estuary

2018 Feb Squamish

Wintery weekend in Squamish

2017 August Squamish Loggers Days

August long weekend logger festival

2017 June Summer Weekend

First hot weekend of summer 2017 in Squamish

2017 May Squamish

A late spring has finally arrived

2017 Feb Squamish Snow

The first weekend in Feb, and another big dump of snow in Squamish

2017 January Sunny Vancouver Rainy Squamish

Contrasting weather conditions in Vancouver and Squamish

2017 Jan The Milk Run

My favorite ferry ride - Long Harbour to Tsawwassen

2017 Jan Nexen Beach

A warm (+2 C) winter walk around Nexen Beach in Squamish

2017 January Stump Lake

A cold snap resulted in lakes around Squamish freezing - Stump Lake is in Alice Lake Provincial Part

2017 Jan Squamish Snow

Second weekend in 2017 - cold and snowy in Squamish

2016 July Squamish Wind Festival

Misc. shots taken around Squamish during the wind festival weekend

2016 July Canada Day

Canada Day activities in and around Squamish

2016 April Fawn Lake

First bike ride of the year to Fawn Lake and down in the estuary

2016 April 2016

Rock Climbing in Squamish

2016 March Squamish Estuary Rainbow

A soggy walk into the Squamish estuary

2016 Feb Squamish

2015 Dec Squamish Gondola

A beautiful snowy day in Squamish and a ride up the Sea-to-Sky Gondola

2015 Nov Squamish Estuary

Beautiful sunny winter Saturday in the Squamish Estuary

2015 Sept Labour Day Weekend

The first weekend in September in Squamish

2015 August S2S

Getting some air in Squamish

2015 Whistler Bungie Jumping

Chase bought Maegan tickets for them to go bungie jumping in Whistler

2015 Feb Flowers in Squamish

Various plants blooming early as a result of our mild winter

2015 Jan Valdy

A dinner and concert at BAG with Valdy

2014 Fall Ray Peters

A walk around the Ray Peters trail in Squamish with Wally the "wounded" dog (but getting better)

2014 Sea to Sky Air Tour

Sea to Sky Air tour

2014 Labour Day

Walk around Nexen Beach on Labour Day with Wally

2014 July in Vancouver

July in Vancouver

2014 Jan Eagles Squamish River

Sunny winter afternoon along the Squamish river

2013 Callaghan in October

Rode up to Madeley Lake , back down the parking lot area near the Olympic venue and then back up to Callaghan Lake on FSR roads with Wally (my dog) - beautiful fall day